The philosophy of Little Scholars is based on the belief that each child is a unique individual with unique capabilities and talents.  A warm, loving environment combined with well-trained and creative teachers stimulates a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.  Our primary mission is to provide quality care to children in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.  We provide a happy environment with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere where children can build trust with the adults who care for them.


We at Little Scholars believe in the developmental learning philosophy in which learning is encouraged through play.  Within the program’s daily schedule, each child has the opportunity to create, explore and learn problem solving and critical thinking skills through self-initiated and teacher directed activities.  We also establish routines that children can cope with and understand.  We teach children to understand and accept each other and to resolve difficulties without feeling guilty. We ensure that toddlers receive individual feedings and attention, auditory and visual experiences and cuddling within secure within secure and warm relationships.